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Cole Huber LLP finds itself in a unique situation because of the novel Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) public-health emergency.  As a business, our law firm—like all businesses statewide—has implemented the measures the Governor and public health authorities have directed to stop COVID-19’s spread. At the same time, because  of our work for local governments, we have taken important measures to ensure our public clients continue receiving responsive and effective legal services from us during this period of critical need.

Presently, our Northern and Southern California offices remain open.  We are closely monitoring the orders and directives of federal, state, and local public-health authorities. We have implemented all measures these agencies have ordered or recommended to ensure our attorneys, staff, and patrons follow “social distancing” practices.  Among other things, we have limited all group meetings or conferences in our offices, we have stocked hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes at several places throughout our offices, and we have authorized telecommuting when feasible.

We recognize that either or both of the counties in which our offices are located may issue “shelter in place” directives.  If that happens, we have taken the steps necessary to ensure we will continue to provide legal services to our city, county, and special district clients.  Our attorneys and staff have the necessary resources and an established network to allow us to work seamlessly together from remote locations. No matter the circumstances, our local government clients can expect that we will always be there for them—especially at a time like this.

We greatly appreciate the long-lasting relationships we have with all of our public-agency clients.  We look forward to working with you to ensure that essential government services continue to be provided during this vital time of need.

All our best.

Derek P. Cole, Managing Partner

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