Supreme Court Divides Equally Over Union Fees Case

by on March 29, 2016

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Previously we wrote about Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association (a link to our previous article is here), a case involving whether public-sector union fair share arrangements are invalid because they violate individual first amendment rights.

Today, the Supreme court divided equally in deciding the case and issued a one-sentence decision affirming the Appellate Court decision and leaving earlier precedent, including the Abood case intact (as criticized as it has become.)  The case was decided by an eight-member Court, which could have held the case over for re-argument after confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice but chose to move forward instead.

The result of this is that mandatory union fees still can be imposed on public-sector employees in any given bargaining unit under agency-shop arrangements.  However, the unions are not out of the woods yet.  It remains possible that appellants could file a petition to rehear the case in the hopes it could be decided by a fully constituted Court.

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