State Budget Plan Includes Reimbursement for Local Government Agencies Required to Participate in MMBA Fact Finding

by on April 14, 2020

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The requirement in Government Code 3505.4, as amended by AB1606 (2012), that local government agencies participate in Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (“MMBA”) Fact-Finding when certain conditions are met after reaching impasse has been determined by the Commission on State Mandates to be a state-mandated activity with reimbursable costs.  The initial program established by AB 646 in 2011 had previously been held not to be a mandated requirement.

Consequently, the Governor’s 2020-21 budget proposes to include a $1 Million General Fund to reimburse local government agencies for costs related to their participation in fact-finding.  The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates that the annual cost of the mandate will range between $336,000 and $1.8 Million but are difficult to estimate given the range in number of fact-finding requests from year-to-year (the Public Employment Relations Board reported a low of 15 cases in 2011-2012 up to 59 cases in 2012-2013). A greater number of cases are expected to occur during recession years than the 40 annual average, as declines in government revenue may contribute to a reduced willingness to agree to increases in employee compensation.

The Legislative Analyst’s Office has issued a recommendation that reimbursement continue to be funded on an annual basis moving forward.  Local government agencies having already participated in fact-finding since May of 2017 when the test claim was filed by the City of Oxnard, CA may be able to obtain reimbursement for those mandated activities.

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